23 March 2011

new painting.

In the ten or so days since I last posted, I've painted two incredible paintings. I know it's bad form to compliment your own work like that, but it's just been so long since I painted that I can't believe how easy it was to pick back up.

One was a commission from my cousin's college roommate, June. Via Facebook, she found my website and saw the painting of the faucet from The Point I did for my parents. She wrote to me, asking if I'd do another, as she'd grown up watching the movie as well and recognized the illustration immediately. The colors matched her walls perfectly (buttercream and mint), so I didn't stray far from the original version. Though I did clean up the lines a bit, using a more rounded outline than the almost scratchy style I used before. I also decided to use a dark gray instead of black. I felt like it was a more subtle contrast against the pastel colors. Anyway, I won't post photos yet, as she hasn't seen it. I shipped it out yesterday and it is expected to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait for her to see it!

The idea for the second painting came to me in my dreary just-woke-up state of mind. I stumbled out of bed, walked down to the kitchen, and opened the cabinet to grab a coffee mug. I'm completely superficial in that I pick the mug that looks the best to me in that moment. Sometimes I want a tall tumbler, to keep my drink warm for awhile. And sometimes I want a big round mug that I have to hold with both hands. This painting is a representation of my coffee-related decision making process. This also signifies the end of cold days, since I will now be drinking my homemade iced coffee out of tall glasses instead of ceramic mugs. A little springtime iced coffee tip: I mostly use milk (soy or almond if I have it) in my coffee, but if you just add a TINY bit of creamer and some agave nectar to it (no ice!) and shake it up really well, you'll have a delicious frothy drink that tastes less healthy than it is.

Here are photos of the first 2 phases:

Oh, and I made an awesome linoleum stamp of my logo to sign the backs of my larger paintings:

Yesterday, I had my first day of training at a new job. It was also the last. I was apprehensive of working there to begin with, as it seemed a little...cold. After working at such an amazing restaurant with such creative people, I wanted an environment where my individuality would be celebrated, not controlled. I was told (in a very Office Space-esque manner) by 4 different managers that I was wearing black jeans instead of dark blue jeans and my shoes (my black Toms) had to be non-slip industry shoes with black socks. Okay, eff that. I've been able to wear basically whatever I want to every job I've had (sometimes adding a company t-shirt over top) in the past 7 years. I'm not about to start being a drone now. No way, jose. I wrote them a polite email (after trying to call the manager this morning) telling them it just wasn't going to work out. I came home and finished a painting.

What a happy ending, right?

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  1. Love the cups, the colors you've used and the logo stamp is really cool!
    I've discover your blog today and I saved it in my fav folder, I like this kind of art.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Giuli in Italy