03 January 2011


So I've started a blog! I've thought about it several times. I wasn't ever really sure what I'd write about, but after catching up on my Google Reader today, I realized my favorite blogs were the ones that didn't really have a theme. Just a glimpse into the lives of like-minded people. It's completely validating to see that not all creative and talented people have this plethora of motivation and time and productivity. It gives me hope that whatever unforeseen goals I may have are reachable, even by me. I'm going through a lot of changes in the next year, some of which include quitting my VERY consuming job a few weeks ago, leaving Chicago in a few weeks (where I've lived for 4 years), moving back home to the suburbs of Cincinnati with my (awesome) parents to save a boatload of cash, embarking on the imperative cross-country road trip that every 20-something must take, then moving to San Francisco where I will live out the larger portion of my days among the redwoods without a flake of snow in sight. And you guys will get to see this ridiculousness ensue. Congratulations!

Most of you who will read this in the beginning (if anyone will at all) already know me, but I'll be dropping some knowledge on you guys little by little. But before this post gets a little too wordy, here are some pictures!

This is a planner I designed for my sister a few years ago and gave to her for Christmas. This is an updated version, which was made MUCH better with the addition of a few gadgets (a wacom tablet, adobe indesign and a printer). I found the bird images on a public site for educational coloring book pages and traced them in illustrator. I'm hoping to find a vintage book about birds to use as the cover for it. Hitting the thrift stores tomorrow. Here are some sample pages!

A couple years ago, Blick had a HUGE canvas sale (right after payday, of course), and I stocked up on all shapes and sizes. I immediately churned out a few small paintings, but haven't painted anything but my walls (photos to come later) in well over a year (reasons to be named later). I made this for my parents for Christmas. It's one image, split between three 12" x 12" canvases.

It is an image from the song Think About Your Troubles in the animated film version of Harry Nilsson's album The Point! This is a video of the song. You'll see the image at 1:41.

Hope everyone had a fantastic new year!

-sara may

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