09 January 2011

couple, two, tree tings...

I recently caught wind of a new privacy change on Facebook that was a little unnerving. Apparently, there's a setting that is automatically turned on which allows Facebook to give away your information in order to improve your "personalized experience" on certain websites. Below you'll find instructions on how to change it!

Go to your Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites.

Select "Edit Settings" in the "Instant Personalization" section.


Uncheck the box that allows Facebook to enable these settings.

Voila! Your internet identity remains safe... for now.

On a design note, I've been trying to design some fonts based on my own penmanship as of late, but am having a hard time with my demo of FontLab. It seems pretty straight forward, but I don't think it's allowing me to export the font as it should be due to the restricted version. Maybe eventually I'll be able to try it out on a full version. Anyway, here are samples of what I'm working on.

Edited to add:

One day, I'll be rich (purely from my artistic endeavors, of course), and I'll cover my office with this wallpaper by Marimekko.


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