14 April 2011

i've been productive, despite the lack of blogging...

i finished another point-inspired painting. i'm pretty excited about it, though i'm not sure how many people will really be into it due to the obscurity of its origin. a friend pointed out that it reminds him of an anatomical heart a little bit. i love how a lack of context can completely change the meaning.

the next project i'm working on is called 'earth paisleys'. i have a couple executions planned for it. the first is to paint/draw the paisleys onto 16 square wooden panels, arranged like so:

with each paisley placed randomly, overlapping onto two or three (maybe even four) panels. the finished piece will be about 4'3" by 4'3". i think i'll also screen print some 2- or 3-layer prints of each paisley in its original size, 11"x14". without further ado, these are the paisleys:








today, i was able to get out of the house and get a real cup of coffee at the coffee emporium in over-the-rhine. my friend matt stopped by to hang out while he did his taxes and i worked on blackening 'space paisley'. my allergies are brutal this time of year, especially in the 'burbs with all the trees and grass and our pets running around. so being in the concrete jungle helped to subdue them just a bit. tomorrow, the restaurant where i have been inevitably employed is having a "family meal" for its staff to preview the menu. training is next week and the soft openings are the week after that. i'll be grateful to be on my feet, earning money again. not sure if i'll ever be able to be a full time artist, unless its in a shared studio. i like people way too much. my horoscope has been screaming for me to interact more. unfortunately, the lack of car means facebook has been my primary outlet lately.

ok, off to ink in the eternal nothingness of 'space'!

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  1. Loving the heart organ and the nature paisleys. Wonderful, wonderful.