18 April 2011

the last 4 days have been spent cutting, gluing, staining, arranging, and painting the first step of my earth paisleys piece.

I ordered a few pens and markers based on some friends' recommendations. So I'm waiting on those to get started on the next step. I also have to head to Home Depot and get a few paint colors mixed. I decided to use interior house paint since wood tends to be so porous and I wanted a consistent opacity and saturation through the entire piece.

I also thought I'd give you guys a peak at why I'm so obsessed with murals AND Alice. Here is a mural my mom started on our kitchen wall at least ten years ago. She also drew the artwork for my Alice tattoo sleeve, which is in progress.


  1. I'm pretty excited to see how this turns out.

  2. I am still waiting on my mural ;)