06 March 2011

a little of this and that.

Here is a fabric print I just kind of jammed out tonight. I had a vision last year of painting something like this on the wall of my spare room (studio), except the colored drops would be made of corkboard. But because my job was so time-consuming, it stayed a spare room and eventually became my sister's bedroom when she moved in. Instead, I made that vision into a fabric print that will hopefully come to fruition a lot more quickly than the original plan.

I'm thinking the repeat would only be horizontal. For those of you who aren't textile nerds, that means it would be a pretty large scale print that only repeats along the length of the fabric, not the width.

I've also got some ideas in the works that were inspired, yet again, by some of the illustrations in The Point (which I mentioned in this entry).

Today I attended the baby shower of one of my oldest friends (about whom I still give a shit). Jasmine is someone who knows things about me most people would blush at the thought of. She is now working on her second baby, so I decided to paint a little something that would remind her and her husband of both their munchkins. Penny is their almost-three-year-old, who has the cutest voice and weirdest sense of humor. Oh, and the prettiest eyelashes I've ever seen. That would be her in the yellow. Their soon-to-join-us son is the tiny green one. If they decide to have more, I'll just have to add more canvases.

Tomorrow, I have two job interviews downtown and then I'm going to the Contemporary Arts Center to see the Keith Haring exhibit, courtesy of my friend, Matt Joy, and his +1 membership.When I was 13, I went to a month-long summer camp in North Carolina. When I came back, my mom had painted larger-than-life sized Keith Haring figures (like the ones in the picture) on my bedroom wall.
They must have been more than 6 feet tall and danced all around my room. One was doing a cartwheel next to my window and one was doing a somersault over my dresser. It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. He's been my favorite pop artist for decades. I get a flutter in my heart every time I see one of his original murals in NYC. So excited to see this show.

Oh, and before I go, I have to show you this amazing video. This guy, Holton Rower, builds small towers out of wooden boxes and pours varying colors of paint in the center of the top box. This creates the most incredible patterns you've ever seen. It's just paint and gravity. So incredible.

Tall Painting from Dave Kaufman on Vimeo.

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