20 September 2011

'tis the season.

I've been extremely busy lately. Mostly making as many things as possible and enjoying this beautiful season with good friends. A slightly overcast fall tends to jumpstart my brain and spirit. There are also a lot of fantastic opportunities coming at me from all directions. It's pretty wonderful. One thing I've been working on is a mural for my friends' catering company, Please. Their kitchen is in an old Free Mason lodge owned by my friend, Scott Beseler (who just so happens to be a fabulous photographer), so we conspired to adorn its walls with vegetables. I got a few books of botanical drawings and used some incredibly detailed drawings as my guide. This is the result!

I get to start actually drawing on the walls today! There is something so cathartic and rebellious about drawing and painting on walls. I wouldn't mind being a full-time professional muralist. I should probably get over my ladder anxiety then, huh?

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  1. These are wonderful! I feel like I am always telling you that, but you are so wonderful, too!