06 October 2011

I've made great progress in the vegetable realm. I have 4 out of the 6 vegetables fully painted at the Lodge. Oh, hey! Did you want to see some photos of them?! Rad. Here they are. 

The plan is to create a key, once all the veggies have been painted, listing which type each vegetable is. Normally, I wouldn't have thought to do this, but the specific name of each one is pretty awesome.

a. sugar beet
b. savory cabbage
c. half dwarf celery
d. trebons onions

I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. This style of painting is really testing my patience, a test that is long past due. I'm always really excited to start a new one, but the repetition becomes incredibly tedious and daunting on such a large scale. BUT I finished each one before I started a new one (with the exception of the sugar beet, which was started by my friend, Jon, while I finished the cabbage). This is a large feat for me, so I consider it a grand victory.

Another thing I've been working on, about which I also previously posted, is the album cover for my friend Scot's band, State Song. We had a slightly drunken conversation at a bar once about using unusual textures and mediums and then photographing them at a high resolution. When he asked me to do the cover, I immediately knew I wanted to utilize this concept. So here it is. Mind you, this is an iPhone photo and is nowhere near the quality of the final version.

My now documented challenge: Do not use cerulean blue in the next 5 new projects I start. (Disclaimer; I already have things in the works that I can't change.)
Ok, last photo! My previously mentioned friend, Jon, and I have been talking about non-objective abstract art. I realized I've never ever created (outside of finger painting as a small child) a piece in that style. Again, an iPhone photo. But here it is.

I know it would make more sense to post one thing at a time more often, but that's not really how I roll. Hope you are enjoying your fall!

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