30 August 2011

so so long.

I do apologize to my 3 readers. I've been out of my routine lately. Not for any particular reason, just feeling out of whack. But I'm getting acupuncture today! I'm hoping it will balance everything out. Fingers crossed.

Don't worry, my dears! I haven't been unproductive! At the beginning of the month, I drove up to Chicago for a couple days to hang my stuff in Atomix Cafe, a bustling coffee shop in Wicker Park. My friend, Melissa Fisher, was kind enough to take some photos for me.



  1. Congratulations on the exposure. Has anyone purchased any art pieces?

  2. Not that I'm aware, but the guy who set up the show is now at another coffee shop, so I have yet to check in with the new girl! BUT, I have gotten almost 2,000 hits to my website this month. So this is very good news.