14 May 2011

completion is a double-edged sword.

Well, it's done! I finished outlining the branches in 1 hour, as opposed to the near 12 hours it took to do the feathers. Oy! I've worn all my pens down to the nubs, even smashing one down completely in a fit of rage. Surprisingly, though, that was one of the only frustrations I faced with this piece. I must say, I'm still on the lookout for the perfect ultra fine point pigment ink pen to use for outlining on paint. Any suggestions are welcome. Well, without further ado, here it is.

Earth Paisleys; birch, latex interior flat paint, acrylic paint, and pigment ink; 2011.

4'3" x 4'3"









So there it is! Now I've got to find a way to get it out there and in someone else's home.

Next step: I'm working on some color separation so I can start screening prints of these. I'd like to do some on a very light, thin wood. Maybe even balsawood or something like that. And also, on some burlap-ish or hemp fabric that I can stretch over wooden frames. I want them to be big, so it looks like I'm going to stretch my own frames! This is going to be quite an interesting endeavor.

Also, to keep my hands busy, I've been making these lanterns for shits and giggles. According to my Facebook friends, I'm instructed to make more. We'll see. Made with just rubber cement and chinese paper lanterns.

you might recognize these feathers from the paisley!

this one took FOREVER and will not be reproduced. I drew the lines and cut these triangles manually. i used a roll of tracing paper. they weren't meant to curl, but i definitely think it's a happy accident.


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  2. Amazingly, amazing! Is that a zinnia I see? And lily of the valley? Reminds me of home :)

  3. Kim, that's exactly what inspired me to start this project. Such a drastic influx of nature everywhere.

    And thanks, Annie! It was good to see you at the party the other day!